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Marketing and Communication professional, Ora-Monet, MS, PMP, is a talented strategic communication manager with a passion for writing for the Business World. Her aim always points to reaching a multitude of audiences across a kaleidoscope of demographics. With an additional focus on the implementation of innovative strategies, designed to reflect a confident dedication to customer satisfaction, her professional eloquence fuels her dedication to the clientele she represents.

WAIT, what does all of that mean? Well, in a Nutella shell, it means I write FOR the audiences who are listening and TO audiences who didn’t even know they were listening.

I get to consistently buy groceries thanks to my love of communication!

An acclaimed background in client relations (B2C/B2B), MS in communication, and never-ending education in marketing for today’s economy have built the ideal pedestal for holding that proverbial “virtual megaphone.”

My writing vision is pretty simple really:

“Be true, bring clarity, and harness the creativity!”

5 Reasons to Consider Oraglyphics:

  1. My wide vocabulary and versatile target-audience tones allow for ENGAGING and CREATIVE content that results in quality lead generation and profitable conversions
  1. My Client Relations & Marketing background give that personable yet strategic edge you want when building a brand your target market will respond to
  1. PASSION! Writing & revising give me the rush that most search for their entire lives
  1. Effective copy is about poignant ad creation & ad placement throughout an integrated marketing strategy. COMMUNICATION & VISIBILITY ARE KEY!
  1. My work ethic is about so much more than avoiding homelessness and Ramen Noodles; I strive for excellence!
Skills Include:

Copywriting | Content Creation | Search Engine Optimization/Marketing (SEO/SEM) | Campaign Coordination | Editing | Revisions| Social Media Management | Blog Maintenance

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Ora-Monet is a Writer & Marketing professional with a passion for effective communication. Sharp, versatile and efficient go hand in hand with her ebullience, diligence and eclectic demeanor.
Let's just say she's got moxie!