How to Choose the Right Gym

What Gym is ‘Your’ Gym?


Seriously, what gym DO you call your gym? If you have any kind of fitness center membership, have you ever noticed how territorial you become of the one you frequent the most? The people are familiar, the equipment, the smells; everything is exactly how you need it to be to get from Monday to Sunday. Of course there’s the occasional session elsewhere (living out a healthy and active life) but it’s not “your” gym experience. Your home base.

There is a big name gym right down the street from my home but it didn’t pull me in and hold on like the one 4 miles away did. I felt out of place and they were, in all honesty, overpriced. My wallet would be screaming at me that we’re trying to reduce stress, not add to it! There are countless reasons behind what drives us to the ‘right’ gym we subconsciously (or fervently if you’re THAT person) dub ‘my gym’. For instance, I chose MY GYM for 3 main reasons!


1.      Brand


Good business and brand presence minimize the chances of the establishment out of business any time soon. They also mean credibility in the good they can do in your life and for the lives of others.

Brand Value makes a difference to consumers planning to make a monetary commitment. If I was going to sign on to routinely give my money, (and sweat and tears) there were a few specifics I needed.

  • National locations with accessibility
  • Clean & safe facilities
  • Friendly & knowledgeable staff
  • Pricing & Special Offers



2.      Proximity


The location closest to my house or job gets the golden ticket. We all lead busy, dialed in lives that revolve around time. The easier it is to get to the gym and the harder it is to make excuses. Fitting gym time into your schedule can be a struggle at first, but eventually it becomes so part of your routine that it becomes an influencer in how you carry out each day! The right gym life IS life to billions of people who MADE time.

Some gym enthusiasts have to work around the gym’s class schedule or a Personal Trainer’s calendar to get the work out they desire. From Zumba to Spin/Cycle classes and more, every gym has a schedule with specific teachers leading each session. Some prefer early morning sessions while others like to hit the gym after work or school. If you’re on a mission, you may be stopping in twice a day!


3.      Atmosphere


I am not a gym rat or muscle head nor do I want to die of embarrassment whenever I try to tackle a new machine. The key to a great workout session is a great mind set; enabling the focusing on target areas and the control needed. The right frame of mind is made possible by both the staff and other patrons. The atmosphere needs to be in sync for the positive experience any fitness level can appreciate.

These key factors, and more, will help you narrow down the choices when you’re looking for advice on how to choose the right gym for you. YOUR GYM has to have that Goldilocks just right kind of feel to keep you invested in your workout.

I chose a major brand name gym because it met my requirements in every way! A friend of mine goes to a mom & pop gym because it is in walking distance of his apartment and gives deals to the residents of that neighborhood. We link up outside of gyms to work out together because neither wants to budge on where to work out. And that’s fine. Her gym is her home base and mine is mine. Happy exercising & see you at the finish line!

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