Oraglyphics: Operation Hiatus Is Over!

Talk about a hiatus! So often you see writers disappear and then next thing you know, there is suddenly a random resurfacing post floating out there.

Welcome to the randomly sudden ORAGLYPHICS resurfacing post!

While progression has been a main focus in my life, so has regression – which is effortless. It is infinitely easier to regress into complacency rather than to progress toward entrepreneurship and brand recognition.

It happens to both the BEST and WORST of us. However, the quicker one lets go of the guilt and self-deprecation, the sooner progressive behavior can resume.

I formed Oraglyphics with the goal of creating an online portfolio. It showcases my writing skills, marketing acumen and insight into the world of effective communications. Not to mention, and let’s be honest, being a stable millennial in today’s financial climate requires multiple sources of income.

Basically, I cast a modern net (all pun intended) to catch a big fish. And what mighty fish I’ve nabbed thus far!

It has been quite an unbalanced couple of years. Starting over in your late twenties truly is quite the enigma. Hey, that’s life.

  • You’re sufficiently young and spry yet you should have already been traveling your intended path. Starting over while starting out? That’s life.
  • Mistakes were made, dreams deferred, moments missed out on – all part of the reality you never saw coming. That’s life.
  • A 20yr old going 50+ mph slams into your car while you’re stopped at a red light; causing knee surgery and a neck herniation that lead to debilitating back spasms. That’s life.

Things weren’t all bad, of course. They rarely are if you’re looking at things with a sense of both joy and realism – no matter the circumstance. When you have one of those extraordinary families so deeply rooted in love that it outshines the dark, sunnier dispositions tend to be your norm.  

I went from unfulfilling client relationship services to a content marketing intern (continuing to pay those ‘grown people bills’ by simultaneously bartending in a pool hall AND serving at a franchise boomers swear millennials are killing) to email marketing coordinator to now the copywriter and project coordinator for a corporation’s now successful marketing team.

So here we are. Life goes on and so will Oraglyphics.

Stay tuned for fresh content, new opportunities to channel your passion and very few oxford commas!

It’s a new day and Operation Hiatus is officially over!

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