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Don’t hide behind your true feelings. The embarrassment. The shame. You know you crave that show. You can still march the streets with your favorite worthy cause; protesting the injustices of the world. The majority of your followers will still appreciate your posts on upcoming documentaries along with trailers for upcoming box-office smashes. We even like still like those hilarious memes you share that seem to speak directly to our own plight as huge doofuses.

So come out of the prime time television closet and own up to your secret love of that trashy entertainment that Hollywood loves to shove down our throats! From catfights to idiotic contests, there is no shame in singing the theme song full blast in the privacy of your home.

Yea, I admit it. I used to have an addiction to a certain group of bad girls lounging around various cities. Am I ashamed? Absolutely! Did I tell a soul beyond my BFF? Not on your life BUCKO!

Now don’t get me wrong, each time the camera turns on and someone produced what they consider their baby, we are all gifted with someone’s passion on display. Some television moves us, changing our lives. Other shows allow us to suspend our disbelief and travel through time and space!

Even as many have begun to abandon cable television in search for lower monthly bills and unique programming, TV still reigns supreme.


Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and even well-known YouTubers provide the same news, entertainment and episodes that cable TV once cornered the market on.


Who knows how long that will remain but in the meantime, the ‘boob tube’ still captivates the masses every second of every hour of every day.

As for me, my television watching preferences are thankfully diverse enough to pull in a multitude of programming categories. In my field, staying current is important and giving someone else’s ART is a true passion of mine.

For instance, I just binged the entire This Is Us season 1 up-to-date after hearing the inescapable high praise for the NBC hit. Man oh man what a show! Even the first shot of the series is a beautiful view of Milo Ventimiglia that firmly seats (all pun intended!) him in the running for my current TV Dad crush; his rival being Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck!

I LOL’d and balled my eyes out in almost every episode. I went from questioning my existence and the meaning of life to appreciating the attention to the America’s battles of racial division and obesity. They even snuck in anxiety and depression, drug addiction, adoption challenges and even the price tag on fame! How- Wha- When… WOW!

On the flip side of my mid-week of my ‘idiot box’ indulge, the new E! TV “reality” show SoCosmo  leapt out of the publishing world and into my Wednesday night lineup. I grew up loving the Cosmopolitan magazine with its chic articles, beauty tips and fashion statements that defined my generation.


A plus-sized tomboy, who’s femininity took the scenic route making its appearance, was head over peep toe heels for the magazine; and rightly so!


The show follows their editing staff located in NYC high up in the Hearst Tower. Watching the trailers prior to the February 8th American premiere, I knew I was going to be a goner! Following around the editing staff of one of my favorite magazines, film crews catch the behind the scenes of the people that make the articles, the fashion, the ads and celebrities come to life in a strategic way. As a marketing professional born in NY, who could totally see herself working for an international magazine, I sopped this show up with a proverbial biscuit!

The Devil Wears Prada –esque “reality” show is a fun, flirty step into the day-to-day of the print powerhouse. The premise is similar to many of the workplace reality shows with a petty feud, a workplace romance, the occasional need to boss-up on someone and random shots of the surrounding city.


It is high school drama meets office space antics on an internationally millennial chic stage and I LOVE IT!


Okay, disclaimer time. YES I am confident in who I am, the size I don, the makeup I occasionally wear, and the love life I currently live. NO I do not allow “fashion rags” or beauty mags define who I am “supposed” to be. I love me.

Sure, I have things I strive to improve in each of those categories but those betterments are for my health and fun; not to improve my actual self-worth. I wish more little girls, young ladies and grown women could decipher their inner beauty separate of what conglomerates say they have to do to get it.

This is what I like about Cosmo. Of course it is still a mega media influencer, but there is more to it than “Wear this. Paint your face with this. Date him/her.” Cosmopolitan helps you be fearless in every aspect of your life. Go after that promotion at work. Stand up to a bully abusing your freedoms. Take a chance on that person that makes your heart skip a beat. Cosmo is all about loving yourself and living in the moment. Call me crazy but, I totally dig that.



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