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Wrought with indecision, I didn’t know how I wanted my first post to reflect my use of this language. Who I am and what is important to me is irrelevant; for now. Soon however, if I do this right, it will become less irrelevant. So, in the spirit of firsts, at least the ones socially acceptable to speak on anyway, I have decided to give my initial post over to the first form of writing I used to express my own visions. Poetry. It’s classic, it’s always been visionary and now, it’s mine to  share in my own way. Thank you, truly, for being present for my first taste of freedom. #showtime


I am desire

Melancholy with fear

Let me expose the risk of my dreams

Reality bound within these reams

I see it, I become it

I feel it, I advance from it.

My legacy haunts me

And as the tall grass sways

More days escape the wind.

I am serenity

Vivacious with subtle tenacity

Veins flowing of Vivaldi

With the patience of Machiavelli.

Nature is my console

Man is my demise

Femininity my greatest treasure

Through words there is departure.

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