The Importance of the Mighty Keyword!

Still questioning the power of the KEYWORD? Well, STOP!

The benefits of a strategically placed, attractive, searchable word or phrase goes far beyond just creating a perfectly grammatical sentence. The right words will act as a beacon in a sea of digital content. In an oversaturated pool of information, being viewed, visited or heard is the key to increasing brand awareness.

Web content development and the digital marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and website traffic all adhere to a few simple (-ish) integration MUST-HAVES.

  • Keywords
  • Links
  • Tags & Meta Tags
  • Sitemaps

The more accessible your websites, landing pages and other content is to related sites, the better influencer potential and market positioning your brand gains!


Sometimes Matching isn’t Tacky!


Even if the brand you’re trying to plug or promote is simply YOU promoting your abilities, don’t hesitate to choose your words wisely. When a keyword matches that of a user’s particular query search, access to your content populates while also linking to other content and/or ads relatable to the user’s search.

As a subtle addition to actually hyperlinking, keyword placement makes the content’s value increase without having users travel away from your website.

Think about it from a user’s (consumer/searcher) angle. When you search a term or phrase using a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu…), the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) match query choices to related web pages.

Keywords matching your digital content is a powerful way to drive traffic and eventually increase conversions.

Did You Know?

When hiring, employers now use software/applications that will filter out the resumes that contain specific keywords related to the position they need filled?

If you’re qualified for a role but your resume doesn’t trigger it with the right keywords, you’ll likely get filtered OUT of their candidate pool. NO BUENO!


Search engines match keywords to websites. Websites match users to content. Keywords match users to the content they will consider valuable.

Keyword Strategy

Optimizing your web content, specifically your keywords, will bring more fruitful traffic to your website. Thanks to the cookies attached to searched terms and webpages visited, you can use analytics tracking to utilize specific market targeting campaigns.

Put it another way. Keywords are words (or phrases) that hold the keys to unlocking your online content.

For example, when a user opens google and searches “football cleats”, thousands of related webpages are triggered in response. As you know, because the internet reads in such specific code language, it processes the request as “football+cleats”, “football”, “cleats”, “shoes” and more.

Whether you’re using a digital advertising platform’s Keyword Planner or implementing keyword targeting with your own keyword research, every term you choose should have ambiguous motives. Keyword research is hands down one of the most necessary steps of online marketing!

If you think #hashtags are genius, where do you think they got the connectivity idea from? The Keyword system of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of webpage visibility.


As Tag Management increases in importance to digital marketing professionals, especially content marketers and analytics enthusiasts, many feel keywords are losing ground as the foundation of all online content. However, when done right TOGETHER, your content will be unstoppable!

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