Your Business STILL Needs Email Marketing

No matter how many people believe E-Mail is correctly dubbed the new ‘Snail Mail’, when you own a business or run any form of organization, foundation or even Non-Profit, you NEED a solid email following. The benefits of email marketing greatly outweigh any ignorance is bliss happiness.

Before firing up Adobe, or whatever your favorite design/editor software is, plan out the objectives specifics so the right content gets to the right inbox.


Reap undeniable benefits like:


Increased conversions

Websites need content. Point. Blank. Period. Whether it is on every web page or is dispersed throughout the World Wide Web via:

  • Social Media Accounts
  • Email Campaigns
  • White Pages
  • E-Books
  • Search & Display Network Advertisements

Getting targeted users all the way through your sales & marketing funnels takes a strategic amount of filtering and segmentation. Whatever your desired conversion is, the right click-worthy content and enticing landing page combination will get users there that much more productively.

Thanks to intelligent tracking information, every step of a user’s progression can be pinpointed to learn valuable insight into what was HELPFUL vs HURTFUL to your conversion process. Review metrics like attribution, where users turn back or progress, how often users return and how long they stay!


Increased Website Traffic

Visitors here. Visitors there. Visitors everywhere! It may seem obvious that mass emails and the circulation of fresh content will bring interested parties to your website, but not to everyone. Designing your webpages to be landing pages for users looking for what you’re saying or offering is a genius strategy indeed!

If you’re looking for increased brand awareness, email marketing will do that.

If you’re looking to make your blog or website information deemed ‘influencer’ status, email marketing can do that.

Bringing people to your website is the culmination of integrated marketing efforts and assembling segmented email lists is a valuable part of that strategy. Think about it. When a brand is continuously showering you with information or promotions that you find ideal for your situation, you eventually find yourself checking what they say about the matter or have to offer when you’re searching for something specific.

The trick with your emails is to make them as visually and gainfully attractive that your targeted audience doesn’t find them annoying, aggressive or unnecessary. Strive for more OPENS that lead to more CLICKTHROUGHS ending in more CONVERSIONS.


Content Marketing Master Status

You can blog your heart out and tweet until your fingers bleed but at the end of the day, you’ve got to give your followers something to follow. Brand loyalists will be looking for something they can depend on to fulfill a need; to supply a demand they have.

People like to be in the know when it comes to brands and influencers. Just ask any famous person what their fans want. MORE! More info they find interesting. More ways to keep tabs on what matters most (to them). More insight into how their lives can be made better by paying attention to you.

Content answers questions, directs traffic, gives advice, brings awareness, expresses personality and values and much more. So why would you have all of that in only one location with only a few ways to get to it? An email campaign will lead consumers wherever you want them to go with yet another arrow pointing in any direction you choose. And it is right in their inbox, on any device!


Effective Marketing Campaigning




Segmenting your target market to speak directly to the consumers who will find value in what you have to offer is the ideal way to carry out any marketing campaign. Remember, an email campaign can consist of more than one email; as well as more than one variation of the same email.

Informative (content-rich) Emails

Whether you have something new to offer or are just shedding light on topics that interest your market, the more information you share with your audience, the more of an influence your brand becomes. Newsletters, Announcements, Invites, Updates,

Conversion Emails (Transactions)

When a user completes an action that you’ve set to be a conversion (Macro or Micro), it helps to send a responsive email like a ‘Thank You’, ‘Welcome’ or ‘Confirmation’. Your user will appreciate it and you can also use them in tracking and reporting your ENGAGEMENT.

Offer Emails (Marketing)

Cultivate your leads by staying present with them as they move through your marketing or sales funnels. Guide their progression to keep them focused on what can be gained by following through with the action you’re hoping they complete.

When given easy-to-navigate access to something you didn’t know you needed, or maybe even cared about, once it enters your radar, that is an effective strategy serving its purpose.

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