Which Content Management System Is Right For You?

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Usually you will find someone spouting “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION” when discussing smart strategizing, no matter the situation. Even though the Lord Harold Samuel quotation stems from a real estate standpoint, it can apply to a variety of practices that result in the betterment of productivity and effectiveness. It even works in the realm of digital marketing and building one’s online presence.

Even though the location of a website, specifically certain pages, on search engine results pages (SERPs) is a major factor in the success of its traffic, the real foundation for success rests in the “CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT!” Rank and positioning on major search engines and in the realm of web 2.0 online activity are inspected for the:

  • Relativity to queries searched
  • Credibility
  • Content Updating
  • Amount of Content associated
  • Traffic (Visits, New & Recurring)
  • Strength/Reach of Digital Presence

Let’s explore some of the most commonly used content management systems/platforms (CMS)!



Power, recognition, versatility and multi-functionality are the keys to WordPress’ success. With so much opportunity for customization, thanks to their library of ready-made templates and plug-ins, your website building results in a fully functional and attractive collection of pages.

  • Bigger network of users and professionals
  • Painless Installation
  • Designed for the Newcomer to website manager



Another forerunner in CMS, Joomla has stepped out in the E-Commerce hosting race. It is a little harder to navigate since it needs more of a coding knowledgebase for the improved shopping functionality and backend changes. More tech savvy than WordPress but not as intricate as Drupal.

Many of Joomla’s features adhere to the managing of an online store and updating multiple social media channels with ease. It has plenty of plugins and even though it requires being more than a CMS novice, the system is that way because it is a powerful one.



Drupal is just as valuable as a competitive option when choosing one for your website hosting and creation. This CMS, however, is definitely the most powerful and requiring of technical experience. You’ll need:

  • At least some HTML knowledge
  • Programming Basics

Running second to WordPress in popularity, Drupal is an impressively dynamic open source system. Even though it has fewer tools and applications than the #1 platform, it appeals to the larger corporation with extensive other requirements.

The system’s performance is better in numerous areas in its basic form and only gets stronger as any of its thousands of available plugins and programming are applied.



Another tech savvy requiring system is Magento, with its E-Commerce structure. The platform is ideal for online stores focused more on their shopping cart accessibility and construction than on informative pages filled designed for content publication.

Magento has an extensive resource and features library for full customization and the powerful creation of complex web pages and menus. It is also open source with plugins perfect for commercial business web hosting.



Obviously this platform is a service devoted to the ease of publishing blog posts. Although not an open source game changer like the CMS mentioned above, renting a blog can be a very rewarding option as its sole purpose is to continuously provide fresh content and showcase the intended personality of the business or individual associated with it.

Owned and operated by Google, this content posting platform allows for the maintenance of multiple blog accounts from one system. The Blogger service has been around longer than most as it appeared in the late 1990s. Even though it has gone under many updates and makeovers, everything was done for the better.


The main consideration factors when choosing the right Content Management System, used by most top web hosting service providers, is how knowledgeable you, or your website manager, is to begin with.  It is also in what you plan to accomplish with the CMS and overall website.

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