It’s a BRANDING Takeover!

No Such Thing as Branding Off the Grid


The Brands that bind the global consumer transcend all generational gaps. It’s a simple fact now. No longer is there such a thing as an individual with inaccessible purchasing power. Nor is there one NOT plagued by the branding & advertising efforts of both big corporations and small businesses alike.

If anything, the constantly advancing tech industry has made it even harder to tune it all out. Just yesterday, I was watching an animated movie with my little… ok, so I was watching it without any actual kids present BUT no judging allowed for a millennial and his or her Disney® classics! Yet every time the movie went to commercial, an ad practically screaming “Holiday Wish List” was directed at the intended target audience.

It is virtually impossible to be fully “off the grid” from the millions of paid personnel hired SOLELY to persuade your decision making.  As a matter of fact, hi, I’m one of them; you’re welcome!


All Pun Intended

My time as a Copywriter, though not as glamorous as Don Draper, changed my perception of not only the business world, but our entire global economy! Every article of clothing, style of ergonomically correct home or office and even the mannerisms & physical attributes of the people around me became seen through a trained marketing eye.


With the holidays fast approaching and endorsements praising mainstream heroes and influencers, every aspect of modern American life plays a role in this expansive cycle of branding.

Whatever YOUR BRAND happens to be, your identifier (logo, label, mark, slogan, mission etc.) should hold the key to your strategy for effective Brand Awareness.


Businesses develop a BRAND IDENTITY to set themselves apart from the competition within their over saturated market.

  • Cultivate your Brand Identity using Multi-Channel Marketing and Integrated Marketing approaches to stay relevant to targeted consumers




Influencers become BRANDED by their paid for visual representation & endorsement of a brand’s products or services.

  • Put your brand front and center with the very public backing of an influencer within your industry or one that is simply that recognizable across the board!


Even propaganda is a form of BRANDING. This goes hand in hand with the pandering and disinformation tactics we’ve seen in the 2016 Presidential Election, don’t you think?

  • If history has shown us anything, it’s that the art of persuasion (even with its sometimes well-earned negative connotation) works on the masses. ‘No PR is bad PR’, right?




Pop Culture has skyrocketed BRAND AWARENESS throughout multiple generations now with its never-ending, in your face circulation.


The countless “household name” aka BRAND NAME products & services associated with specific brand lead to BRAND EQUITY.

  • Sometimes a product or service becomes so widely accepted that it becomes synonymous with the brand behind it as it begins to shape daily life, workflow and eventual perceived necessity.
  • Attempts at conformity and “fitting in” with the status quo, judgmental peers and other forces cause the recognition for the brand more than any specific product or service.


Don’t you just love how one word can encompass an array of meanings based on reference and functionality. If you haven’t already, refocus your branding efforts to strengthen your brand identity and grow brand awareness.


Need help? Don’t hesitate to seek some helpful ideas & advice today. HAPPY BRANDING!

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