Content That’s ATTRACTIVE


Everyone wants the


Most Attractive


Most Appealing


Most Engaging


marketing materials & campaigns ever created. You want jaw dropping graphics around a singing, dancing hashtag that spouts periwinkle colored BOGO signs!

You have all of that and more on your website and it takes forever for your HOME page to load but hey…you love it! Once it comes up that is. More often than not, those sites or campaigns result in you over-paying graphic designers to make a big spectacle of your brand; but in actuality, it’s just a load-time nightmare. It may take a lifetime to load in one browser but comes right up in another. Here’s hoping your consumers like Chrome!





Every page, article and social media post should align like a strategically built ROI (Return on Investment) jigsaw puzzle that effectively captivates your target audience. Throw in the right content and you’ve got yourself a sharp looking branding foundation!

Whether you create a market presence that is elaborate and forward thinking or one more traditional with an informative simplicity, your materials have to be ATTRACTIVE ON YOUR TERMS.




AArticulate – The content you choose is arguably the most important component of your strategy as it adds to, or subtracts from, the value of every phase. When implementing digital marketing, the Search Engines have algorithms in place that scour or “crawl” the entire internet to secure, valuate and validate all web page content. Make sure it’s easy to read as well as engaging.

Be aware that different algorithms are checking for different things. From the webpage’s relevance to the keywords/queries searched to how accredited the content itself actually is.


A Targeted – Know who you are addressing and create your campaign around strategically considered demographics. If you’re focused on e-commerce and attracting customers, know what consumers demand and make sure they know that you’re the one supplying it!


A Tonal – There is nothing like a strategically placed YOU. Not ‘you’ personally (although Location, Location, Location!), the word “you”. When creating the content that will spell out who you are and what you’re all about, try to keep your tone of voice agile. Notice how I speak directly to YOU, my interested reader.

Speak TO your target audience, not just AT every audience. Shouting at your readers with all-caps text may not be the best tone of voice for selling a soothing spa weekend.


A Reactive – Unless you’re providing purely informational data with no intent of engaging consumers, you want your content to get a reaction out of your readers, listeners & viewers.

Note: They say ‘No PR is bad PR’ because it’s the truth. However, a tagline’s 15 minutes of fame will time out a lot quicker without a substantial grounding in audience incitement.


A Aggressive – Input content that drives your brand. No one cares about what isn’t brought to their attention until its existence is on their radar. Nowadays that existence is more likely well-received when it is thrust into public opinion with some form of provocative allure. If they don’t notice you…GET noticed!


A Creative – No one likes a PB & J with stale bread. Be original and invest the time and sense of clarity it takes to provide your target audience with style and a unique vibrancy.

Creativity, innovation and good old fashioned talent will always steer you in the right direction!


A Traffic – I can’t stress enough how important it is to drive your own traffic on the most basic level BEFORE enlisting expensive tactics. Your content’s attractiveness is what will keep them coming back for more. It also fuels the buzz needed to draw in new eyes & ears.


A Informative – FYI, everyone wants to gain something from the businesses they choose to deal with. Knowledge is power, no matter if it is gossip, advice or just purely fascinating. Give them something they didn’t know before.


A Visual – It is 2016 folks. If you don’t think a little visual attraction isn’t necessary to keep your audience intrigued, then you need to start this article over. Note everything that pulls certain text in and out of your consciousness.


A Edited – For the love all things holy EDIT what you put out there people! Edit your material, have another set of eyes edit your material and then edit it again yourself before shouting “Hey world, look at my blatant blunders!”

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