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What’s in a #Quirky Name?


They say that when you assume something, you are actually making an ass out of yo(u) and me. As much as this writer loves to play with her words, the idiom doesn’t quite play well with every situation. If you’ve made the assumption that Oraglyphics is a play on hieroglyphics and a piece of my own name, then neither of us are asses. In our communication savvy world, the idiom works for me, but in most other cases, assuming is tricky terrain when broadcasting your product to a target market. Talk about walking a thin line Philippe Petit! Besides the homage paid to the entire writing systems of legendary civilizations, my logo is also just plain fun to see. Isn’t it? Sounds like a good ole fashioned monetizing opportunity in my book. I may not be the first and only Ora in my family but I AM the first and only Ora-Monet.

For years Ora seemed enough. Ora-Monet is admittedly a mouth full that even though everyone recognizes its beauty, it’s a bit of a mainstream struggle piece for folks to properly pronounce. The term “aura” is used far more consistently than you might imagine and no matter its linguistic translation, people tend to envision some form of a beautiful essence. To an arguably over-confident young girl already fascinated by the fun that is the alphabet, later learning that marketing was flowing through her veins, that vision sounded like the right way to go!

MONET-izing Brands

Quirky works my friends. It works harder than a politician on a leap year trying to cover up a poorly worded twitter rant. With YouTubers doing God knows what with Frank knows who to compete with a fruit fly singing the National Anthem of Timbuktu, you can imagine that kicking it up a notch isn’t exactly a bad idea. Two manicured thumbs WAY up to mom’s spin on the original Ora’s autograph! The more Ora grew into its own identity, the more Monet refused to be ignored. Especially when the idea of MONETizing my digital self as my own branding.

Let’s explore some pertinent preliminaries to monetizing YOUR brand:

counting-154152_960_720 ways to be in the KNOW when it comes to how you represent yourself and the brand you want to monetize.

  1. Know your PUSH – Whether you’re pushing a product in supply onto the demanding consumer or you’re pushing helpful services onto the masses, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you have and don’t have; what you can and cannot do. This ensures that when questions arise, and trust me, they will, you are ready with the answers that engage your audience in mutually beneficial ways.
  2. Know your IN – What sets you apart from your competition? It can be a quirky name or a unique niche that you appeal to. No matter what gets you invited in to that target market, own it inside and out.
  3. Know your SWOT – Shed some light on your Strengths. Know how to monetize them in a virtual environment. Research and then take charge of the Opportunities available that will work in your favor. Meanwhile, face and strengthen your Weaknesses to the extent of reducing your Threats.

Don’t ever be afraid to seek help. Branch out on how you listen to and absorb information and I guarantee your goals will be reached in ways your investors will truly appreciate.

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